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Introducing the PCS Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System


- Delivers correct water quality to RH systems

- Correct water quality keeps equipment within manufacturer’s warranty

- Decreases emergency service calls due to RH system malfunctioning

- Less maintenance requirements than standalone DI filtration

- One RO system can typically supply more than one chamber with correct water quality


PCS RO Systems = Solutions



Supplying the proper utilities to any piece of manufacturing or test equipment is essential to long term operation and reliability. This is especially true when a piece of equipment requires water, and even more so when feeding a boiler. Systems that boil water for generating steam will operate more reliably with water that is low in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). If not properly treated, water with high TDS will cause boiler problems by eventually fouling the heating element, piping and potentially the interior of the equipment workspace.


Careful consideration must be given to the quality of water that is used for generating steam. When properly treated, the benefits of quality feed water will ensure maximum life out of the steam generator, reduce maintenance

expenses, and maintain optimal performance.


The PCS RO system has been carefully designed to meet almost any water condition that would be used in a typical manufacturing or lab environment.

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